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Finished Portrait (large view)
Finished Portrait
Finished sculpture for Cedarville University called "Good News". This is a second casting located at the Grand Rapids Theological Seminary

The sculpture is a portrait of Dr. Paul Dixon who among other talents had the gift of evangelism. He is seated on one of four benches with his Bible open to John 3:16. The following symbols are a few that appear in the sculpture:
One Figure: Each follower of Christ has a responsibility to share with others.

Invisible Recipient: We often don't realize our actions speak louder than words.

Four Benches: The four benches are arranged to represent the four corners of the earth [Whole world]

Three Legs: Each bench has three legs symbolizing the Trinity that supports our work of sharing the Good News.

Seven Empty Seats: When the seven seats are filled God's perfect plan will be complete.

Total of Eight Seats: Represents the overflow of God's grace and love for man.

Twelve Bench Legs Total: Represent the Church of Christ supporting believers to fulfill the great commission.

52" H x 24" W